Shortcuts for the Run menu


Default shortcuts

Below is the list of predefined keyboard and mouse shortcuts for Notepad++. They can be freely configured using the shortcut mapper, as well as all the commands which were not bound to shortcuts by default. This list does not include standard shortcuts provided by Notepad++-related plugins.


Run menu

Shortcut Action
F5 Launch Run Dialog
Alt-F1 Get PHP help
Alt-F2 Google search
Alt-F3 Wikipedia search
Alt-F5 Open file (name at cursor)
Alt-F6 Open file in another instance (name at cursor)
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R Open in Chrome
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-X Open in Firefox
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I Open in IE
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F Open in Safari
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-O Send via Outlook