Notepad++ document

This document is dedicated to the countless lost hours of both people having to search for simple answers, and people having to answer questions that shouldn't have to be asked in the first place. Documentation is always hard to get, good documentation nearly impossible.

This markup is based in the default appearance of Microsoft Windows. This can be different on your own system, but the names (text) should always the same. This is especially important on the screenshots. They are only for reference, your appearance of Notepad++ can be quite different.

All the images used in this helpfile assume the default settings. If you change any of these settings, you'll have to look for the other image instead, this is most noticeable with the toolbar (the position of images will always remain the same).

Also, when talking about the left and right mouse buttons, the logical left and right is meant. These are the same as the physical left and right mouse buttons in the case of a right-handed setup. However, if you have a left-handed setup you will probably have the buttons swapped so act accordingly. This means in general you do what you normally do for most actions, Notepad++ mostly follows the standard Windows application behavior.

Likewise, the layout is discussed as it is displayed in a left-to-right order. On right-to-left systems (such as Hebrew) translated versions of Notepad++ can have the display order reversed, adjust accordingly as well.

This helpfile uses some markup to distinguish certain interface elements or interaction.


When an option from the menu can be selected (open the menu then select the option), it will look like this: Menu->Option
where an arrow means 'Option' is in a submenu of 'Menu'
When a button in the GUI can be pressed, it will be marked like this: Button
Checkboxes can be toggled in on or off mode and are marked like this: Checkbox
Radiobuttons are like checkboxes, but in a single group of radiobuttons only one can be selected. Radiobuttons are marked like this: Radiobutton
Sometimes labels are used in the GUI to describe an element when they cannot have any text associated with them directly. Labels look like this: Label
Finally, when mouse or keyboard interaction is required, the buttons or keys to press are marked like this: Leftmousebutton



This help file was written by Harry ( and converted to HTML using KompoZer, compiled to a help file with Microsoft HTML Help Workshop. Notepad++ is a product by Don Ho, Microsoft and Microsoft Windows are registered trademarks.